5) In/Outside With The Military

The Problem

The technology and acquisitions command of one of our services found itself in an increasingly defensive position on Capitol Hill, as the titans of industry now running the DOD and its own leadership challenged its value and contribution. The issue was framed by its leadership not as one of self-preservation but as a true lack of alignment and full communication of its contribution. The bottom line – the command’s senior leaders believed that without the complement of services provided to the warfighter, and the antique platforms they use which are supported by this command, the warfighter’s safety, security and operational effectiveness would be severely compromised. At the same time, their current platforms played a role in the successful deployment in Afghanistan.

The Solution

We have served as a strategic counselor to command leadership, helping them to identify best practices in alignment and branding that could be used to accelerate their own internal and external alignment with the warfighter and their DOD sponsors.

We helped them identify an external brand strategist, participated in the assessment process that led to the crafting of a powerful brand strategy, story and deployment plan, and worked with them over the period of a year to deploy “brand-driver alignment” across 29,000 people at 10 sites around the world.

Our primary deployment strategy has been to educate a group of “champions”, and facilitate their own identification of “key touch points” or places in their customer life cycle where, through meaningful work, they could accelerate alignment and re-dedicate themselves to their primary customer, the warfighter, making the biggest impact on their reputation.

The Results

We have had over 90% of the 200 plus employees that we have trained to serve as alignment champions, civilian and military, report that they understand the brand; are better prepared to communicate the alignment expectations; are better able to align the brand to work initiatives and tasks; and consider themselves to be the leaders of the brand. Additionally, the fleet aviation commander (the customer) has adopted one of the key deliverables a Warfighter Bill of Rights, and the associated logo, as part of his overall alignment work.

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