About Us

Company is management consulting and training firm founded in 1900, and now operating internationally from hubs in Boston, London, and Manchester, Vermont.

Our client work typically involves applying one or more of Morordar core strategies to a specific business context.

Our style is what you would expect from brand: provocative, high-energy, and having a strong bias for action!

Our client promise? Custom solutions! Innovation, energy, and change! Top team alignment! Projects with real impact! Great leadership! High-performing professionals and business teams! Engaged people who embrace change!

We deploy our Intellectual Property from an evolving blend of talented and committed people, insightful diagnostic tools, and powerful implementation systems. In short, Re-imagined business excellence!

“We have enjoyed a 3 year relationship with Company which has helped to fast track our transformation into an organization that embraces growth through innovative solutions. The tools you brought to us were perfectly matched to where we were and where we hoped to be. The time you took to understand our vision, our complicated industry, our local challenges, and our wild ideas made all the difference in finalizing a path that made sense; and made the best use of effective approaches from other industries. We would never have had such a broadened approach without adding your expertise, experience, and perspective. Great things continue to develop as a result of our collaboration! Thanks for your continued guidance.”

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