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Inspired Performance Workshop
October 28, 1905, California
A Breakthrough Approach

How can organizations and employees survive and thrive in a landscape of changing rules and unprecedented challenges? It’s a two sided dilemma:

Organizations want to:

  • Build and grow their brand
  • Inspire extraordinary performance
  • Unleash the true potential of their workforce
  • Develop and retain talent in an all out talent war

Employees want to:

  • Learn, grow, and stretch their skills
  • Do meaningful work
  • Make a difference
  • Find unique expression within organizational boundaries

Inspired Performance tackles this two-sided dilemma thanks to branding and its application to the employee, the contractor, the entrepreneur — white collar workers everywhere. Our cutting-edge workshop offers a framework and guidance system for facing these challenges effectively. In this, company leads participants on a journey toward inspired performance and unmistakable added value as linked to the organizational brand.

Designed by company, presents the branding buzz in a fun but full day format. features a mix of engaging education, thought-provoking exercises, revealing assessments, compelling case studies, and more. Participants are led on an exciting, self-discovery quest incorporating video, audio, and the internet. Exclusive footage of at his best is integrated throughout. Inspired Performance is truly unlike any other training program available today.

Inspired Results
Participants in Inspired Performance will:

  • Understand the importance of doing work that matters and work worth paying for
  • Better understand their organization’s brand
  • Learn how to create greater distinction for themselves, their projects, and their organizations
  • Progress toward building a brand through assessments, individual and group exercises, and real-world modeling
  • Begin construction on personal project portfolios for brand building
  • Design a personal brand strategy to deliver inspired performance and added value through every assignment
  • Learn how to successfully communicate their brand, inside and outside of the organization
  • Develop a brand promise that supports their organization’s brand promise that is, at the same time, personally satisfying

Benefits to the organization:

  • Build a stronger organizational brand inside and outside
  • Offer employees a path to distinction, a chance to make a difference, and an ability to ignite their passions at work
  • Win the talent wars and increase employee retention possibilities
  • Foster inspired performance and encourage extraordinary results
  • Accomplish organizational strategic initiatives more readily
  • Create internal champions of transformation
  • Enhance client relationships with branding’s client-centric approach

Who Should Attend?

Everyone! From recent graduates, to executives, to professionals, to support staff.

We hope to see you there!

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