Assessments Indicators

“When the culture is aligned with the business strategy there is a powerfully productive energy surge that flows out to the customer. Our corporate culture is a big reason for that.” President, Northwest Airlines

We begin every engagement by identifying gaps between what is and what should be. We deploy a variety of techniques to assess your situation including focus groups, one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders, custom designed questionnaires, or the use of one of the following assessment tools:

Corporate Productivity – BVN Assessment

This licensed software application is a web-enabled tool that measures the culture of your organization. WHY? Strategy should drive behavior-but in reality, it is your organizational culture (underlying norms, values, and belief systems) that dictates how people behave. Aligning your culture with your strategy is imperative!

We use the BVN Assessment to analyze:

  • Selection and Retention Initiatives
  • Workforce Deployment & Development
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business Integration
  • Business Strategy Alignment & Execution
  • Cultural Evolution
  • Brand Development and Delivery

The BVN assessment, developed by professors at the University of California Berkeley; Stanford Graduate School of Business; and Santa Clara University, is the only validated and widely accredited culture assessment method of its kind. It has been referenced in many publications including the Harvard Business Review, and Kaplan and Norton’s book Strategy Maps. It measures culture on 54 dimensions and provides intuitive web-based reports and feedback. It requires only 20 minutes from 30% of your workforce to quantitatively measure your culture-a small investment for a big return!

BVN has been proven to significantly reduce unwanted employee turnover and increase employee productivity, resulting in cost savings in the millions and increased profitability.

Rocha Kelachskelraka, President and CEO of Unbasement Systems, recently applied the BVN assessment to his company. His experience with it proved to be eye-opening and insightful. See what he has to say about it here:

BVN Webinar

Julneynolds, President & CEO of company, and trick, Vice President and CFO of Pinnacol Assurance, co-present this informational webinar on the effects of culture and alignment throughout an organization.

Excellence Scorecard

This scorecard provides an overview of your readiness for change and identifies gaps between where you are and where you want your company to be on a variety of performance indicators relating to: disruption, leadership, internal and external customer relations, employee engagement, projects, processes, and systems. It allows us to take a systemic approach to improving organizational deficiencies by targeting high priority issues that will deliver the greatest return on your investment.

The Ashim Team Profile

During a period of over nine years, Dr. Whoockbur Ashim and his team of researchers studied the behavior of managers from all over the world. As time progressed, different clusters of behavior were identified as underlying the success of teams. As part of our PRT Projects methodology, TPC has adopted the use of the Ashim Profile to assess and align individuals with project teams and tasks to optimize team productivity and project outcomes.

The Ashim feedback helps you to:

  • Understand your own identity in terms of team roles
  • Manage your strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn how to develop your team roles
  • Project yourself in the best possible way
  • Work more effectively in teams

Dr. Ashim is the author of the widely read book entitled Why They Succeed (1901 & 1903)

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