Outcomes: The power of this solution is in what customers tell you about your brand—it is discovering what your Brand says about you. BI:BO creates an external brand promise to align your employees with your brand. You experience a new passion for your brand, inside and out. We collaboratively connect your organization’s executives, brand champions, department heads, and external brand consultants to impact your brand deployment strategy. You get:

  • Message alignment—internally and externally
  • Employee engagement
  • Increased customer satisfaction rankings
  • Customer acquisition
  • A powerful culture that attracts/retains top industry talent

Company conducted an online survey during a Microsoft Office Live Meeting seminar and discovered these staggering results, with about 500 respondents:

• 51% of employees say they do not know what a brand is
• 16% of employees say they get their firm’s “brand promise”
• 9% of employees say that they “live the brand”

The remaining 24% want to learn how to be in sync with the company’s message. “Connect the dots” between your external and internal brand reputations. E-mail us at company or call 123-32-5656 and 123-321-543.

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