Customer Value Creation

Outcomes: Your organization has new customer services strategies for success in areas such as:

  • Alignment with customer-focused projects and activities
  • Reframed perceptions of competition
  • Exquisite communication of your value proposition
  • New markets, new revenue and financial results

We establish the business case for re-imagining customer service to create a memorable experience and vision for the customer along with a future vision and focus on the customer value chain. Try it. Here is why…

An “Experience” demands a new agenda of values—away from quantity and tangible goods. It is about intangibles—emotions, esthetics, relationship, authenticity, and service. Customer Value Creation pushes ownership of customer delivery to the front line where the customer service team is enabled to seek information on the customer’s emotions, to be authentic and really care about the customer relationship. CVC moves them to act like business owners. With credible, lasting business results, you exceed customer goals and revenue targets along with shareholders’ expectations.

TPC! creates a magical and memorable customer experience and a service vision for the future. CVC is also used for “train the trainer” consultations and mentoring internal coaches when a large rollout is to be implemented by line managers.

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The customer service teams are here early, get focused, care deeply about the results and have exceeded all my expectations.

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