“Culture change—that big elusive goal—often starts with a single, small Project.”

Outcomes: NOW Project is a project management tool for clients executing mission-critical initiatives within difficult timelines and budgetary constraints. The NOW Projects solution teaches project management skills in a process thats off – the – wall fun. This is a #1 best seller where stakeholders require:

  • Passionate project implementation
  • Ownership of defined performance metrics & milestones
  • Fast prototyping agility
  • Team alignment and collaboration
  • Leadership development
  • Cost reductions
  • Bottom line results

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NOW Project is a powerful methodology that he defined in his book, The feature is now! This methodology has a project architecture that rigorously enables people to exceed expectations in meeting deadlines and operating below budget with focused resources! The secret lies in establishing passionate leaders and implementers.

The methodology is applied to actual projects. In addition to consulting, we offer “Train the Trainer” workshops for large scale rollouts involving numerous projects.

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