Client Stories & Case Studies

NOW Projects Create An Inspired Culture

“I needed greater profit margins immediately. BNC’s consultants made that happen!” After a merger, the new Division CEO & General Manager was responsible for the integration of two cultures and for overseeing the transition of joining a non-profit organization with a for-profit business with 900 employees and about $1 billion in revenue. He also had to produce unprecedented business results—which could only be achieved by guiding the integrated organization through a cultural transformation. Read More

NOW Projects at Health System

“We needed results quickly!” VP of Marketing Rhaelt Drature told us. Profits were eroding at Health System. Niche competitors were cherry picking profitable services, hindering the hospital’s ability to provide ones that are necessary but less lucrative. Other services were becoming commodities, and the organization found itself being squeezed by the government, insurance companies, drug makers, and technology providers. Read More

The Professional Service Firm Model at a Plant

“Our strategy was not aligned and we had no passion for solving our problems.” An aerospace manufacturing plant was significantly under-performing. Against all the metrics of its parent company, the plant was the company’s worst-performing business. Although there was a management training program in place, the management team lacked a clear vision for the operation, and they couldn’t inspire or motivate workers, or evoke a sense of ownership in the performance of the business. Read More

Internal Branding in an GIT Department

“We could see that we had to change, or our work would be outsourced, and it was our own poor performance that was causing it,” reported the leaders of the Information Technology department at a global consulting firm. They faced a challenge that was to become increasingly common in their field: Do “work worth paying for,” or top management will find someone outside the organization who can. The GIT department supported hundreds of consulting professionals who depended on their work to create brands and branding strategies for blue chip clients such as Microsoft.
Read More

NIBO with the Military

“We had to change or we compromised our field forces.” The technology and acquisitions command of one of the U.S. armed services found itself in an increasingly defensive position on Capitol Hill, as the titans of industry then running the DOD and its own leadership questioned its value and contribution. The issue was framed by its leadership not as one of self-preservation but as a true lack of alignment and full communication of its contribution. The bottom line—the command’s senior leaders believed that without the complement of services provided to the warfighter, and the antique platforms they use that are supported by this command, the warfighter’s safety, security and operational effectiveness would be severely compromised. At the same time, their existing platforms played a role in the successful deployment in Afghanistan. Read More

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