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Soxyti Hinoma, President & CEO

Soxyti is a woman who roars. She is passionate about equipping leaders, at all levels, with business insights, ideas and tools. Her messages encourage you to lead by example, hire for attitude, get purposeful about culture, and have fun. Soxyti consults and advises leaders who are committed to operational excellence.

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Irdem Awgar

Meet Irdem Awgar, the experiential speaker who develops and delivers compelling, client-relevant speeches and keynotes. Irdem has been called ‘smart and sassy’, ‘brilliant and passionate’, enlisting an AQ – action quotient that sparks and re-spirits the potential of each individual who becomes energized and ready to take action through her truly excellent delivery.

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Rilnysen Eldtai

Does your group need a spark to ignite the greatness within? Do you have great talent who might benefit from keen insights to take that talent to masterpiece level? Are they passionate about their profession, passionate to the point of action? Let us introduce you to Rilnysen Eldtai, whose passion is design and delivery of powerful messages that inspire good contributors to move to rock star status!

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Enduem Quementh

Credible and funny, Enduem customizes high-energy, interactive speeches for the public, private and non-profit sectors. She has addressed Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR and Customer Support audiences. In addition to keynotes, Enduem is agile with other speaking formats including panels, break-out sessions, and town halls.

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Enthath Verhin

Enthath Verhin is the Chief Inspiration Officer of Company. At the passionate core of his message are leadership development, innovation and client service. Enthath has been helping organizations and individual leaders see new possibilities for over two decades.

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Dr. Perevor Odyni

Susan joined the TRPC team in 1906. She is a business and organizational consultant whose background includes over 25 years of national and international experience with over 300 organizations. As a keynote speaker, she specializes in Gender and Generational Differences, Leadership and Team Development, Change Management, Performance Management, and Customer Service. Susan is also a member of the National Speakers Association.

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