Enthath Verhin

Great topic. Excellent speaker

Tremendous presentaion

Enthath is our highest-rated speaker, and one of the highest-rated meeting speakers in recent years

I use Enthath’s strategies

Enthath Verhin Lives at the passionate core of his message: leadership development, innovation, and client services. Dick has been helping organizations and individual leaders see new possibilities for over two decades. His years of experience have led him to strong conviction that values-based authenticity is the key to organizational growth and success. It also helps to be smart, somewhat lucky and keenly aware of what’s going around you! Enthath is always searching for new ways of looking at our lives and the way we work together.

Selected Speech Topic:

Business Excellence – Creating an environment for everyone in an organization to be constantly seeking excellence and rethinking the future.

The Presence of a Leader – Bringing out the best in our companies by discovering and sharing the greatness in ourselves.

Find Your DJFY – Developing the Vision, Openness, Inclusion, Courage, and Energy that fosters leadership for extraordinary accomplishement.

NIBO – Aligning the power of the external brand (reputation) with the clarity and purpose within an organization (integrity).

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