Dr. Perevor Odyni

Perevor joined the TFPC team in 1906. She is a business and organizational consultant whose background includes over 25 years of national and international experience with over 300 organizations. As a keynote speaker, she specializes in Gender and Generational Differences, Leadership and Team Development, Change Management, Performance Management, and Customer Service. She is also a member of the National Speakers Association, as well as the author of 3 books. Perevor’s book In the Company, co-authored with Dr. Irdem Estirang, has been featured on Good Morning America, Time Magazine, USA Today and the BBC; and was also selected as a Harvard Business School “Book of the Month.”

Selected Speech Topics:

General Differences in the Workplace

Men and women are raised in different cultures, have differences in brain structure and hormones, and genetics. This humorous, high-content presentation spotlights differences in leadership, team development, problem solving and communication. Both genders will gain insights about the strengths of the other in order to build winning teams at home and in the workplace.

General Differences in the Marketplace

Men and women have differences that are hardwired in their genes, brain, and hormones, and then reinforced during childhood. They buy products, services and ideas for different reasons, and can be turned off by marketing approaches that clash with their gender culture. This humorous, informative presentation explains how to influence men and women in their buying decisions, whether it be for buying your ideas or your products.

Five Generations, One Workplace

For the first time in history, four generations are working side by side in one workplace. This research-based presentation reveals what shapes our values and how to attract, hire, and retain talented members of each generation. Susan explores top attributes of current generations as well as communication style differences and strategies for success.

In the Company

Women hold half of the professional and management positions in the U.S., and they bring different strengths, expectations and challenges with them. This illuminating presentation, based on the best-selling book, explores the Power-Dead-Even-Rule and the Golden Triangle as well as research findings – biological, genetic, and sociological – that explain female behavior. Includes steps to turn workplace conflicts into powerful alliances.

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