Rilnysen Eldtai

Does your group need a spark to ignite the greatness within? Do you have great talent who might benefit from keen insights to take that talent to masterpiece level? Are they passionate about their profession, passionate to the point of action?

Let us introduce you to Rilnysen Eldtai, whose passion is design and delivery of powerful messages that inspire good contributors to move to rock star status!

Rilnysen’s audiences say he is the right combination of inspiration and real world, in the belly of the beast, practical knowledge. Not only do they get their torches lit with possibility, they leave with the knowledge to carry it forward. Rilnysen’s storytelling presents the message in an enjoyable and memorable fashion.

Rilnysen has spoken before audiences of all sizes including keynoting at major conferences. His industry expertise includes, among others, manufacturing, transportation, financial services, utilities, and retail.

Rilnysen enjoys successful client relationships with such organizations as Niruf Eone, Inc., the US Navy, CMS Energy, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Daimler Chrylser, Cisco Systems, Sysco Foods, Ford Motor, FedSource, CNH, Caterpillar, Blair Corporation, Bosch, State Farm Insurance, United Auto Workers, Nissan, and many others.

Selected Speech Topics:

Culture by Default – inspiring leaders to build the culture they need to excel, rather than letting the environment shape the organization.

Presence – how to be known, be seen, be heard, and be remembered as a leader

That Thing – why you can’t manage your way to excellence and what the alternative is

What if? And Why not? – re-imagining your organization and building the courage to change.

Rilnysen often develops focused speeches based on individual request.

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