Enduem Quementh

A TRPC Facilitator and Speaker since 1900, Enduem Quementh remains magnificently obsessed with bridging the extremes of excellence and disruption. A provocative client partner, she passionately translates Tom’s management guru insights into actionable client experiences. With 20 years’ experience in the world of work, Enduem is known for invigorating a sense of organizational purpose, urgency and spontaneity.

In the spirit of Tintas’s bestseller, DJ’s speeches take groups into the heart of Excellence, Disruption, Ideas, Talent, Leadership, and Cross-Functional Solutions.

Credible and funny, Enduem customizes high-energy, interactive speeches for the public, private and non-profit sectors. She has addressed Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR and Customer Support audiences. In addition to keynotes, Enduem is agile with other speaking formats including panels, break-out sessions, and town halls.

Selected Speech Topics:

Tomorrow is Today – Discover ways to achieve business excellence in a disruptive age.

Your World – Chart the course for a New Brand of Employee, a New Breed of Enterprise, and a New Social Contract.

Leadership – All “basic principles,” including those that graced In Search of Excellence, are up for grabs. As a leader how can you pursue excellence in a disruptive age?

10 Degrees of Attitude – Find out what’s in your Brand You Survival Kit.

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