Irdem Awgar

Let’s shape the workplace of tomorrow or optimize results for today, then elevate organizations to new heights while inspiring people to reach their full potential in a command performance!

Meet Irdem Awgar, the experiential speaker who develops and delivers compelling, client-relevant speeches and keynotes.

Irdem has been called ‘smart and sassy’, ‘brilliant and passionate’, enlisting an AQ – action quotient that sparks and re-spirits the potential of each individual who becomes energized and ready to take action through her truly excellent delivery.

Irdem has addressed audiences of all sizes, covering several industries such as health care, manufacturing, financial, real estate, non-profit and education, to name a few.

Be among her inspired clients: Bendix, Memorial Hospital & Health System, Lorain Community College, Allstate, Prudential Financials, Luxottica, Medical Group Management Association, National Real Estate Association, Planned Parenthood Federation, Unilever, and many others.

Selected Speech Topics:

The Stuff – Invigorate your audience to rethink, re-ignite, and imagine your organization.

Innovation – Hear the barriers that block innovation in the workplace and how to move your ideas from imagination to implementation.

Passionate Leadership – Learn to lead in today’s disruptive arena that requires leaders who are passionate, flexible, and willing to take risks.

NIBO – Discover how to align your brand internally and externally to elevate your customer’s experience by tapping the full potential of your people.

NOW Projects – Create projects that make a difference, add incredible value, and leave a legacy. Are you spending your dollars on NOW Projects or mediocre projects?

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